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Deceptively Delicious: Brentwood’s Best Produce + Tips For Getting Kids To Eat Veggies

Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, was featured on Oprah and feted in every media. Now she’s accused of plagiarizing recipes from a similar book, The Sneaky Chef.

What do other Brentwood moms think? We have links to the Seinfeld recipes shared on Oprah, along with a list of the best places to buy produce in the Brentwood area.

Wolfgang Puck Express In Cool Springs

We review the quick service restaurant Wolfgang Puck Express in Cool Springs.

Can the celebrated Chinois Chicken Salad live up to its reputation? Why does the waiter continue to pester us during dinner when we have to refill our own water from a beverage station? Will we ever go to Wolfgang Puck Express again…or more importantly, without a coupon?