Jamison Market and Deli On Wilson Pike – Brentwood, TN

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On a scenic drive through Brentwood, I discovered a quaint little gas station in the area between Brentwood and Franklin.

The Jamison Market and Deli is located on Wilson Pike between Moores Lane East and Clovercroft.


Wilson Pike is my new favorite shortcut through Brentwood.

It runs parallel to I-65 on the east side of Brentwood. You can take Wilson Pike all the way from Church St. to Moores Lane to Cool Springs.


One day we continued down Wilson Pike past Moores Lane. We passed Ravenwood High School on the left, old farmhouses, and expensive subdivisions as far as the eye could see. (The giant McKay’s Mill development lies just west of Wilson Pike nearby.)

Suddenly, Wilson Pike narrowed to one lane. Before we knew it, we twisted through a railroad tunnel at a 90-degree angle! Through the tunnel, we had no way of seeing the oncoming traffic. Scary!

Just past the tunnel is the Jamison Market and Deli. It’s an independently owned gas station with a better-than-average selection of snacks and drinks. There is also a small cafe attached, which serves “meat-and-two” plates and deli sandwiches.

The Jamison Market is one of the groceries which sell Hatcher Family Dairy milk to the public.

While you’re there…
why not check out Brentwood’s Primm Park and historic Boiling Springs Academy site?


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