Stocked Trout In Marrowbone Lake

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stocked-trout-lake-joelton.jpgA Brentwood fisherman told us about a well-kept secret for stocked trout: Marrowbone Lake.

We took a drive just north of Nashville to check out Joelton’s Marrowbone Lake, its boat rental rates and creel limits.

Here are our photos and directions to TWRA’s best family fishing lake near Nashville…


All About Marrowbone Lake

Marrowbone Lake isn’t large, but its 60 acres are well-planned for fishing.

We saw a lot of people comfortably fishing from the banks on lawn chairs.

In addition to rivers and streams, TWRA stocks and manages 18 family fishing lakes.

TWRA regulations are strictly enforced. Anglers over 13 must have the appropriate fishing license.

You will also need to purchase a $5 lake pass for each day of fishing.



Fish Limits

Here are the creel limits for Marrowbone Lake fish:

  • Black Bass: 5 per day, 14-18 inch PLR. Only one (1) fish longer than the listed range may be harvested.
  • Bluegill: No creel or length limit
  • Redear: 20 per day in combination, no length limit
  • White/Black Crappie: 5 per day, 10 inch minimum length limit
  • Blue/Channel Catfish: 5 per day in combination, no length limit



We rented a boat for $8 a day, including paddles.

Gasoline powered motors are prohibited, but you can bring your own trolling motor or rent one there for about $40.

We have our own canoe, but it’s almost not worth the trouble of hauling it for $8. (If you’re planning a solo trip, keep in mind that a jon boat is hard to steer alone without a trolling motor!)

What we forgot to bring: our own anchor! We had a hard time keeping the boat from drifting. Next time, we’ll put some gravel in a milk jug and tie it to a rope.


dock-fishing-trout.jpgNice Things About TWRA Family Fishing Lakes Like Marrowbone

A handicapped accessible fishing dock is located just off the drive.

A small tackle shop at the lake sells fishing licenses, day lake passes, bait, rods, reels, and basic refreshments. Everything you might need, you can purchase there.

Flush toilets are available near the tackle shop.

Last year, TWRA stocked Marrowbone Lake with trout in December, January, and February.

In addition to trout, Marrowbone Lake is stocked for channel catfish, crappie and bass.


How To Get There

directions-to-marrowbone-lake.jpgMarrowbone Lake is in the country, but it’s an easy (and pretty) drive 20 miles from Nashville.

Here is a printable PDF map of Joelton’s Marrowbone Lake.

We took Briley Parkway to the Whites Creek exit north. Continue to Clarksville Highway. Turn left on Eatons Creek Road, right on Gray’s Point Road, then right on Marrowbone Road.

You can also take I-24 to Joelton exit 35. Eaton’s Creek Road will approach Marrowbone Lake from the opposite direction.

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