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Whether you live in Brentwood, or you're just passing through, you might be surprised to learn these things about Brentwood, Tennessee.

What is that gorgeous historic home doing at the entrance to Crockett Park? Why is it called Cool Springs House if it isn't in Cool Springs? Get the scoop on Brentwood's most affordable historic wedding site, the Cool Springs House.

My home has been invaded by tiny black ants! They're everywhere in the kitchen! Here's the best solution I found for getting rid of house ants without poisoning my kids or pets in the process. It's called Terro liquid ant bait. The active ingredient is Borax -- which is a natural way to get rid of ants.

Looking for outstanding private schools in Brentwood TN? Here are the 10 closest private schools to Brentwood and a few good ones closer to Nashville.

Brentwood TN is a great place to live. Just ask anyone who's actually lived here. More proof: the city of Brentwood ranks high on these lists & awards.

When you're driving around the Brentwood TN area -- or if you're looking for a place to live in Brentwood -- it can get confusing as to what is actually in Brentwood and what is not. The boundaries are somewhat unclear, so it's easy to refer to something being in Brentwood when it's really not. Here are the Brentwood TN city limits.

Are you thinking about moving to Brentwood, Tennessee? Wonder what it's like to live there? Here are some good and bad things about living in Brentwood, TN, one of Nashville's nicest suburbs.

Brentwood, TN has great access to hospitals -- Vanderbilt, Baptist, Centennial and St. Thomas are within a 20 minute drive. But we chose Williamson County's own hospital, Williamson County Medical Center in Franklin, for our daughter's outpatient surgery. Here's what our patient experience at Williamson Co. Medical Center was like.

Here's a list of landmarks unique to Brentwood, Tennessee. We should all know a little local history and geography! Let's start with that giant tower next to I-65 and Concord Rd.