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Brentwood, TN: Local Landmarks You Should Know

radio-tower-in-brentwood-next-to-i-65.jpgMaybe it’s because I have a chorus of kids in the back seat…

…but I get a LOT of questions as we drive around Brentwood.

Here’s a quick list of Brentwood, Tennessee’s local landmarks.

Do you know them all?

Perhaps the #1 question about Brentwood is…

What is that funny tall tower near I-65 and Concord Rd?

What does it do?

The WSM radio tower is 8th tallest of its kind still in use.

The AM 650 station is owned by Gaylord.  Here’s why the WSM Blaw-Knox tower is shaped like a diamond.

Other Brentwood landmarks between Concord Rd. and Cool Springs:


isola-bella-historic-brentwood.jpgIsola Bella is the 1840 historic home on Franklin Rd.  It was used as a hospital after the Civil War Battle of Nashville.

Other Brentwood landmarks on Franklin Rd.:

Brentwood landmarks near Maryland Farms and Old Hickory Blvd.:

Brentwood landmarks near Church Street:

What’s your favorite Brentwood, TN landmark?