A Review Of Pump It Up – The Inflatable Party Zone In Brentwood, TN

by Lindsy

Cool Springs TN, kids

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pump-it-up-inflatible-slides.jpgRecently, I was tired of being cooped up inside from all the rain and decided to take my son out.

We went for a couple hours of fun at Pump It Up in Brentwood. I had heard about it from another mom I met at The Monkey’s Treehouse, another kids play place.

Pump It Up is a place where kids can bounce, climb, and slide on giant inflatables.

We went during Pre-K Open Play which is every weekday morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for kids ages 2 to 6.

If you were not looking specifically for Pump It Up, you would never find it.

It’s the last building in a business park located off of Crossroads Blvd.




First Impressions

We walked into the lobby, signed ourselves in, and paid ($7 per kid and adults are free.) Next, we walked through the door to the play area. We put our shoes in a cubby and looked around.

Surprisingly, there were not too many people there. With only a handful of other moms and kids, we felt like we owned the big space. There are 2 huge rooms that hold a total of 7 gigantic inflatable play structures.

Some were just huge bouncy rooms and others had more interactive play areas to climb through and up and then slide down. We decided to give them all a try.



We Had FUN!

Since my son is only 2-1/2, I went with him inside each inflatable (and yes these things are so durable they can support adults too, several at a time in fact).

For the most part, he was able to climb efficiently by himself and other times he needed a little nudge from mommy. I also think at first he was a little apprehensive to do it alone. The other side of that is that mommy gets panicky when she can’t see him. So it was a win-win.

child-playing-on-pump-it-up-inflatibles.jpgTo tell the truth, I had a great time playing too. The slides are quite steep so they are fast. And who doesn’t like to bounce?

I noticed that moms of older kids could just sit and relax on benches. They talked and read while their little ones played.

All the kids were having a blast. I can see how fun this would be for a birthday party and will keep it in mind for later.


Two Downsides

The only things that I thought could be improved upon were the lighting and the noise.

The noise was actually too quiet for me. There was a constant hum from the inflatables and from the ceiling lights. I thought music would have been a nice addition.

I also thought a little more light would have made it better.

Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed these things if it had been crowded on the day we visited.


Location & Upcoming Events

Pump It Up
7104 Crossroads Blvd. #128
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 373-8340

Check out their calendar to see what’s happening this month.