How To Schedule The Brentwood TN Fire Dept. For A Child’s Birthday Party

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brentwood-fire-station-birthday-party.jpg Looking for a cool kids birthday theme?

How about fire trucks — with a real one from the Brentwood Fire Department that will come to your child’s birthday party?!

I was at one of those parties recently. My son was invited to a friend’s 2nd birthday party on a Saturday morning. His party theme was fire trucks, and he had this theme on the balloons, napkins, and cake.

Then for the big surprise, a real fire truck showed up.

We were not expecting that!


Fire Truck Dispatched To Kids Birthday Party

When the fire truck showed up, the kids were so excited.

Even though it was raining, nobody cared. We got our umbrellas out and walked to the truck.

There were 3 firefighters that got out and started to put on their gear (firefighting coats, boots, and hats).


This particular truck was called Engine Company #4. It’s a pumper truck that holds 750 gallons of water. This truck is staffed with a lieutenant, an engineer, and a firefighter.

They handed out little plastic firefighter hats for the kids, who immediately put them on! Next, they took turns helping the kids into the truck so they could sit inside.

kids-meet-firemen.jpg Some kids were a bit apprehensive and didn’t want to get in. Others were all for it and had a ball!

The firefighters answered questions and posed for pictures with the kids. They seemed happy to be fulfilling little kids’ dreams. After about 20 minutes, the Brentwood Fire Department headed out and were on their way to another birthday party.

brentwood-tn-fire-department-truck.jpg The firefighters that showed up at this birthday party were from Brentwood’s Fire Station 4 on Sunset Blvd. Altogether, there are 4 fire stations in Brentwood.

And the great thing about having the Brentwood Fire Department at your child’s birthday party is that it is FREE. What a deal!

The fire department considers this an engine demonstration, and they also take the trucks to schools. Other educational activities provided by the fire department include:

  • Fire station tours
  • Risk Watch (injury prevention tips for kids)
  • Fire sprinkler demonstrations
  • Smoke detector installation
  • CPR classes

If you are interested in having the Brentwood Fire Department come to your child’s birthday party, simply call the Brentwood Fire Department at (615) 371-0170.