A Virtual Auto Tour of Percy Warner Park In Nashville

by Lynnette

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Percy Warner Park sign at the entrance. Though technically not in Brentwood, Percy Warner Park — and the adjoining Edwin Warner Park are both close enough to be frequented by a number of Brentwood residents and visitors on a daily basis.

I’ve ridden my bike through Percy Warner Park a few times, but mostly I just enjoy driving through the park in my car.

One thing’s for sure… I’ve been through this park dozens of times, and there hasn’t been a time yet when I didn’t spot at least one deer, along with numerous other forms of wildlife!

Here’s a virtual auto tour through Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN…


Percy Warner Park Tour

Warner Parks provide a great location for a number of recreational activities and entertainment including:

  • hiking trails
  • picnic areas
  • scenic overlooks
  • equestrian center
  • horse trails
  • golf courses
  • athletic fields
  • running courses
  • children’s play areas
  • bicycling roads (share the road)
  • walking routes
  • auto touring
  • horse racing


Now, on with the tour!…


Location, Location, Location

Percy Warner Park is bordered by:

  • Old Hickory Blvd. on the southern end
  • Belle Meade Blvd. on the northern end
  • Chickering Road on the eastern side
  • Highway 100 on the westerns side


This is the view approaching Percy Warner Park from Brentwood on Old Hickory Blvd.

Bicyclists park at Vaughn Road across from Percy Warner Park.Steeplechase at Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN.On your left, you’ll notice baseball fields.

There’s also a parking lot where bicyclists usually park their cars while biking in and around the Warner parks.

On your right, you can see the Percy Warner Equestrian Center.


This is also the site of the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville each May:

Percy Warner Equestrian Center. Steeplechase grounds in Nashville,Tennessee. Site of the Nashville Steeplechase events.


Just around the corner is the Warner Park Nature Center.


Coming & Going…

These are the main entrances into and exits out of Percy Warner Park.

Belle Meade entrance off Belle Meade Blvd. The entrance to Percy Warner Park off Highway 100 in Nashville. The view when exiting Percy Warner Park on Vaughn Road.
Percy Warner Parks map for directions.


Signs Inside Percy Warner Park

A sign indicating there's a horse trail. Example of the signs that will help you find your way in and out of the park. A Metro parks sign at the entrance to Percy Warner Park.
Most of the roadway is one-way, only a small part of the route is two-way. The speed limit inside the park is 20 miles per hour, Example of a sign marking a hiking trail inside Percy Warner Park. There are plenty of pull-offs all along the route, so heed the no parking signs along the main drive inside the park.
The do's and don'ts according to a Metro parks sign inside Percy Warner Park. The sign at the entrance to Edwin Warner Park -- the side of the park with interactive displays, guides, and a visitor's area. An example of the directional signs inside the park. For the most part, it's one main loop with a handful of optional scenic routes.


Places To Kick Back & Relax…

There are a number of picnic areas in Percy Warner Park. You’ll find many right along the roadside, sheltered by the surrounding trees.

There are also a bunch of picnic shelters in the park. Here are a few…


The picnic shelters give you a break from the sun -- or rain -- inside Percy Warner Park. It's such a clean park... with plenty of rustic picnic areas. The picnic tables located along the road make an excellent place to hang out, read a book, write a letter, or have a picnic. There are a handful of covered picnic shelters inside the park.
Most of the roadside picnic tables are in nice, shady locations. These high-quality park benches are placed all throughout the park. They are a welcomed resting spot for all the runners and walkers. This is one of the more unique picnic spots inside Percy Warner Park.


Fun Things To See & Do In The Park…

It’s a make-your-own-fun kind of park! The possibilities are endless, here are some of the most popular things to do at Percy Warner Park.

There's a golf course and driving range viewable from the roadway inside Percy Warner Park. Only the most fit bicyclists dare to tackle the hills inside Percy Warner Park. I've thought about it, but have yet to try it myself. Percy Warner is a great place for families to hike. The trailheads are well-marked, and there are some helpful maps at the central trailhead. This is a runner's and jogger's paradise... and you'll find lots of leisurely walkers as well. With plenty of uphills and downhills, you get quite the workout! There are a handful of play areas for the children... with swings & things... even a small rock-climbing wall! Just drive!... The roads are mostly one-way, twisty-turny roads with a speed limit of 20 mph.All roadways are shared with bicyclists, runners, and walkers, so drive carefully. There's plenty to see all along the way -- sightseeing opportunities galore -- lots of scenic overlooks, and historical landmarks too. The deer run wild inside Percy Warner Park. The best time to view them is after dinner, as the sun is going down.




More About Percy Warner Parks

Here’s a map of Edwin Warner Park, plus a map of Percy Warner Park in Nashville.

Warner Parks feature 9 hiking trails, including 12 miles of trail and 4 trailheads. Maps are available at the Nature Center trailhead and here. (More here.)

Here are some reviews of Percy Warner Park. (More here.)

Warner Park Nature Center
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Nashville, TN 37221
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