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5 Uniquely Delicious Restaurants In Brentwood, TN

Best Brentwood TN Restaurants

If you’re visiting Brentwood (or showing out-of-town guests around), the LAST place you want to eat is another chain restaurant in Cool Springs. Right?

I’ll never understand why my in-laws take us to eat at Red Lobster… in Florida!

When in Brentwood, eat like the locals do. And no, that doesn’t mean only country cookin’.

Here are 5 uniquely delicious and local restaurants to try in Brentwood, Tennessee that our friends and family always enjoy…

  1. Best Brentwood Restaurant To Impress Someone Special

Hands down, Mere Bulles in Maryland Farms.

This elegant restaurant is found in one of Brentwood’s historic homes, Maryland Manor.

This is where we’d take our cosmopolitan Miami relatives for a Sunday brunch or make a reservation for a romantic anniversary dinner.

White tablecloths and tall antebellum windows give every room the best seats in the house.

  1. Best Brentwood Restaurant To Take Your Mother-In-Law

Is there anyone in Brentwood who hasn’t had lunch at the Puffy Muffin?  I didn’t think so.

Perfectly located for a quick browse through local boutiques, the Puffy Muffin serves classic tea room fare — from broccoli casserole to chicken salad.

Have them pack up a dozen blueberry muffins for you to enjoy the next morning!

  1. Best Brentwood Restaurant To Taste Tennessee

This was a toss-up between Memphis-based Corky’s BBQ and the popular meat-and-3 Vittles.

In the end, Corky’s wins because of its down-home decor and tantalizing hickory smoke smell.

  1. Best Brentwood Restaurant To Grab A Drink With Friends

Firebirds in the Shops at Seven Springs has all of my friends’ votes for local drinks.

They’re known for their Happy Hour from 4PM-7PM every Monday-Friday. They also have outdoor seating on the patio.

The food itself is amazing — everyone I’ve taken there for lunch or dinner can’t wait to go back.

  1. Best Brentwood Restaurant To Transport You To Another Country

Taziki’s on Executive Center Drive in Brentwood is the best place to experience Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a Southern flair.

We usually sample a little bit of everything by sharing dishes here.

The food is always fresh… and full of flavor.

Those are our faves.

What are the best Brentwood TN restaurants in your opinion? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.