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Williamson County Ag Expo Park Calendar Of Events

Since we scored free tickets to the Country Christmas craft show, we made our first trip to the Ag Expo Center in Franklin.

Now I wonder why I waited to long to visit the nicest indoor auditorium in Williamson County — maybe all of Tennessee!

There are lots of fun things to do at the Ag Expo Park.

Where Is The Ag Expo Park Located?

Finding the Ag Expo Park is so easy! 

Just take I-65 to exit 61, south of Cool Springs and Hwy. 96.

Follow signs to the Williamson County Ag Expo Park.

Here are the official directions.

This large tract of land is home to the Williamson County Fair.

It’s also the future site of a historic village.

Now For The Part In Which I Embarrass Myself…


Every year my son asks if I will take him to the Franklin Rodeo, which he hears about on the radio.

And every year, I demur. It’s too hot!

Who wants to sit in around a dusty ring on sizzling metal bleachers for two hours? Not to mention, the smell of horses and manure?

Ha, ha, ha. The joke’s on me.

The Ag Expo’s indoor auditorium is cool and air-conditioned, with plenty of bathrooms and concession areas!

Annual Events At The Williamson County Ag Expo

Williamson County Ag Expo Park events.

On the Williamson County Ag Expo’s website, I found a list of all the shows and clubs which use this beautiful facility year-round:

For more information about fun things to do at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park, check out the Ag Expo’s Calendar of Events for 2024.