How To Find Crockett Park Playground In Brentwood, TN

by Meredith


I thought you might need directions to Brentwood’s community playground. I did!

We made two trips to Crockett Park before asking a maintenance worker, “Where IS the playground?”


It’s worth the trouble to find the playground in Crockett Park, which my family now rates as Brentwood’s best playground.

There are two ways to get to the Crockett Park playground:

#1: As you approach the entrance to Crockett Park off Wilson Pike, STOP after Woodland Middle School.

Do not go through Crockett Park’s main gate. Instead, turn left just before Cool Springs House. Continue down the lane bordered by the black farm fence.

Crockett-Park-baseball-playground.jpgThe lane dead-ends into a parking lot behind Woodland Middle School. You will see baseball fields to the right. What looks like a grove of trees beyond the parking lot is actually Brentwood’s Community Playground!

crockett-park-amphitheatre.jpg#2: You can also reach the playground by entering the main gate as usual and driving down Crockett Park’s main road. Follow signs to the Crockett Park Amphitheatre and park nearby. Walk up the path past the amphitheatre, toward the baseball fields. The playground lies between baseball fields.


Why Crockett Park’s Playground is the best for summer:

It’s so shady! I think this is the shadiest playground in the entire Nashville area. Beautiful care was taken to incorporate large trees into the playground design. As a result, the wooden play structure stays so much cooler than the surrounding fields!

shady-playground-near-nashville.jpg We chose the first picnic tables we spotted, just outside the playground’s fence. Later, we discovered several picnic tables scattered within the playground itself. Red Caboose Park, a similar playground in Bellevue, has no tables within its fence–making it hard for moms to feed toddlers while older siblings play.


Other features that make this Brentwood playground our family’s #1 pick:

  • Rubberized paths make it safe for toddlers
  • Wood mulch is chipped fine, not splintery chunks
  • Slides of all sizes, from straight to curvy
  • A super-cool zip line
  • Octagonal picnic tables within the fenced area
  • Rubber tire obstacles and bouncy bridges
  • Castle architecture with dragon art
  • A mini-amphitheatre and puppet show stage
  • Tire swings that seat three

I always thought it was strange that Brentwood’s flagship park had everything but a playground! Now that we’ve discovered this shady place to play, I hope your family will enjoy it, too.

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