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Maryland Way Park In Brentwood, TN

maryland-farms-horses.jpgHow many times have you driven past these horses on Maryland Farms Way? I always enjoy seeing them as we return from the YMCA.

Did you know that the city of Brentwood has created beautiful jogging trails behind this stately pair of stallions? Find out more about Brentwood’s Maryland Way Park.

That’s right–if you work in a Maryland Farms office, you can take a picnic lunch to this little park.

Or, if you’re feeling fit, use the jogging trails instead!

Until last week, I didn’t realize that these horses commemorate a historic horse stud operation–that would be the “farm” in Maryland Farms!

The Maryland Farm bred horses during the same time as the Belle Meade Mansion on Harding Road and Traveller’s Rest off Franklin Road. Mere Bulle’s restaurant building was once the farm’s historic home. That’s why you see so many horse-related names throughout Maryland Farms.

For more information, look for the historic plaque in Maryland Way Park, or check out the stud-farming exhibit on display at Traveller’s Rest Plantation.

There is a map kiosk in the middle of this park which gives mileage information for joggers. There are also 11 exercise stations with instructions for basic stretches before your jog.

You may also wish to stop in the Maryland Farms YMCA, which has detailed information for runners. There is usually a group of runners who train together through the YMCA.

Here is a list of all Brentwood’s parks and greenways.

Today, it’s the humans who get all the exercise here! Brentwood has a great system of greenways and jogging trails. Most of them, though, originate around the Concord Road parks and continue south to Cool Springs.

The Maryland Way Park is a small oasis in the center of thriving office buildings.