Tennessee Baptist Convention’s Stained Glass Windows

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I’m not Baptist, but I do appreciate the beautiful stained glass panels that grace the Tennessee Baptist Convention headquarters in Brentwood!

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The Tennessee Baptist Convention erected a handsome new sign on Franklin Road, but its most attractive feature faces Maryland Way.

The Tennessee Baptist Convention is an organization of churches in affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. You may remember it as the entity which sued Belmont University over its decision to break from an all-Baptist Board of Directors.

The Tennessee Baptist Convention’s nondescript concrete building sits at the corner of Maryland Way and Franklin Road. As state headquarters, it houses the executive board, missions and ministry departments, event coordination and publishing for over 300 congregations.

Its contemporary stained glass artwork is a calming sight in rush hour traffic. There always seems to be gridlock when the Maryland Farms offices empty around 5 pm.

Go after dark for the best viewing conditions. The semi-circle of stained glass is illuminated from within.

On nights or weekends, you can find convenient parking at the Maryland Way entrance, marked by the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s large flagpole.

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