Nashville’s Best Portrait Locations

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I took this portrait of my daughter in her grandmother’s garden.

We had such a great time at our do-it-yourself photo shoot that I brainstormed a few more portrait-quality spots in the Nashville area.

Nashville has many gorgeous locations for photographing wedding or children’s portraits — many at no cost to you!

Digital cameras have made do-it-yourself photo shoots both easy and inexpensive.

You can take 500 photos and only develop the very best shots.

These are some of Nashville’s very best backdrops…

For A Sense of Local History…

I like backdrops with natural stone or old concrete benches. Many of Middle Tennessee’s historic homes charge admission for tours, but not to their grounds! Perhaps you can discreetly use the exteriors and outbuildings of:

For A Natural Outdoor Setting…

I never walk through the Ellington Agricultural Center on a weekend without seeing at least one professional photographer snapping away.

This free estate houses Tennessee’s agriculture and wildlife departments.

You get the benefit of several different settings, all without leaving the Ellington grounds. Popular photo spots include:

  • in the Iris Garden gazebo
  • in the demonstration gardens around the museum
  • against the white-washed horse fences
  • near the woodsy log cabins


Due to problems with artifacts being broken and historic sites being disturbed we no longer allow commercial photography.

For A Park Setting…


We’re lucky to have so many beautiful parks in Nashville. A few of my favorite backdrops in parks are:

For A Local Landmark…

If you’ve found a great portrait location in the Nashville area, let us know in the comments!

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