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Hospitals Near Brentwood TN: Williamson Medical Center

williamson-county-medical-center-tower-outpatient-surgery-center.jpg My toddler needed outpatient surgery for ear tubes.

Her ENT, Dr. Crook, gave us a choice between Baptist Hospital in Nashville and Williamson Medical Center in Franklin.

Here’s what our patient experience at Williamson Medical Center was like…

Our initial ENT consult was on a busy weekday morning.

Getting to the Williamson Medical Center was a breeze on I-65,

But parking?

10 minutes to find an empty space, two full lots away.

So we left our Brentwood home well before the 6:30 am check-in time.

No worry!

The parking lot was nearly empty.

We walked right into the Williamson Tower, the entrance to the right of the emergency room.

williamson-co-surgery-center-hwy-96-franklin.jpgOutpatient surgeries are performed in the Williamson Surgery Center on the ground floor.

It only took us a few minutes to fill out the paperwork.

Both the anesthesiology group and the pre-admitting department called the previous day.

They made sure our insurance information was correct and let us know how much we would owe.

We paid our co-pay and waited to be taken back.

what-its-like-to-have-outpatient-surgery-at-williamson-co-medical-center-in-franklin-near-brentwood-tn.jpg The nursing staff couldn’t have been friendlier, from the admitting nurse who recorded our daughter’s vitals and helped us all relax…

…to the surgical nurses who let us know exactly how she’d be taken to surgery.

Even the anesthesiologist had a warm bedside manner.

We waited in a small curtained room while our toddler’s dose of Versed kicked in.  She was relaxed enough not to cry when they carried her to surgery, quickly and in arms.

I waited in the small room during her surgery, which took less than 15 minutes.  I could hear her crying in the recovery bay while the anesthesia wore off.

Dr. Crook reviewed the surgery and post-op instructions with me.

Then the nurses brought her to my arms.  We waited another 15 minutes while she awakened, irritable and cranky.


Meanwhile, my husband took our son to the hospital’s cafeteria for breakfast.

(You can also walk to Sonic and  Steak and Shake from the parking lot.)

We left with a prescription, a follow-up appointment, and a newfound respect for Brentwood’s closest hospital.



We’ve had the same procedure done at Centennial in Nashville, and overall, our Williamson Medical Center experience was friendlier and more convenient.

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