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King & Associates Insurance Agency: A Review

King and Associates quoted me a rate from 2 different companies and both of them beat my existing auto premiums by $500 a year! Needless to say, I've changed my insurance carrier and have been quite pleased with King & Associates. They made it so easy to cancel my old policies and switch to them. I just signed some paperwork, and they faxed it everywhere it needed to go.

Hospitals Near Brentwood TN: Williamson Medical Center

Brentwood, TN has great access to hospitals -- Vanderbilt, Baptist, Centennial and St. Thomas are within a 20 minute drive. But we chose Williamson County's own hospital, Williamson County Medical Center in Franklin, for our daughter's outpatient surgery. Here's what our patient experience at Williamson Co. Medical Center was like.

Tennessee Tornado Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

When tornadoes rip through Tennessee, people start worrying. Will homeowner's insurance cover the storm damage? Tennessee Farm Bureau insures our Brentwood home. We chose Tennessee Farm Bureau for this and our last 3 homes because they gave prompt and fair payment to homeowners in east Nashville after the devastating tornado.

Buying Identity Theft Insurance In Brentwood, TN

With the break-in at the Davidson Co, TN election commission office and my purse being stolen from Brentwood, TN, I'm more than a little worried about identity theft. Fellow Brentwood resident Dave Ramsey gives warning signs that you might have had your identity stolen. I investigated how to prevent identity theft, placed a fraud alert with the three major credit reporting agencies, and purchased a one-year plan with the Dave Ramsey-endorsed Zander Insurance group.

Tennessee Problem Contractor List

If you've ever had to hire a Contractor for a project a your home, chances are you've been at least a little concerned before you really knew who you were dealing with. You can find a List of Problem Contractors...