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King & Associates Insurance Agency: A Review

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By Bonnie

king-and-associates-insurance-brentwood-tennessee.jpg With the tightening of the economy, I was interested in getting a better rate on my auto insurance.

I had been told that you can often call your agent, ask for a better rate, and you get a cheaper rate.

Going on this theory, I called up my big-name insurance agent and asked for a lower rate. She really was trying to be helpful, but on our 3 auto policies, she was only able to skim off about $6.

Thinking about recent TV commercials, I decided to let Progressive give me their rate and the rates of their competitors. Somehow on their website, I found King and Associates, a local independent insurance agency, where in addition to Progressive insurance, they can write 8 other companies’ insurance policies.

I sent an email to King & Associates for a rate and was connected with agent Christine Nadol.

She was such a nice and likeable person, even through email.

She quoted me a rate from 2 different companies and both of them beat my existing auto premiums by $500 a year. I couldn’t believe the difference!

christine-nadol-king-and-associates-insurance-brentwood.jpg Needless to say, I’ve changed my insurance carrier and have been quite pleased with the level of care I’ve received so far. Christine made it so easy to cancel my old policies and switch to them. I just signed some paperwork, and she faxed it everywhere it needed to go.

King and Associates wants happy customers, and shows it with an excellent referral program. If a customer refers someone to them for a quote, even if that person does not sign up with them, the customer gets a $10 Target gift card and is in a monthly drawing for a $50 gift card.

No, you don’t have to say I sent you. I just want you to know about them and hope they get a few more happy customers out of the deal.

King & Associates is located at 1585 Mallory Lane, Suite 205
Brentwood, TN 37027. Their phone number is (615) 329-8121.