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The Monkey’s Treehouse: Tons Of Fun For Nashville Kids!

At the Monkey's Treehouse in Bellevue, TN, for $7 admission your child gets access to: a real tree house, a rubber mulch sandbox, an art center, a full-size play kitchen, a dress-up theater, various play stations, and a soft toddler area for the under-3 crowd. All of this is housed indoors, so weather is never a concern. You can even leave for lunch and come back later with no additional charge!

Tower Park Walking Paths In Brentwood, Tennessee

I recently spent an afternoon at Tower Park recently with my daughter and our bicycles. She is just learning the rules of riding on a greenway with so many other people so I was very happy to have a less crowded park to try out for that. Here's why we like Tower Park in Brentwood, TN.

Brentwood Connection Center At BBC

The latest cool thing to open in Brentwood, Tennessee is the Connection Center at Brentwood Baptist Church. The Connection Center is the 75,000 square foot facility that was built onto the church as a part of the church's latest expansion project. It includes a café, auditorium, bookstore, and basketball courts, among other things.