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Tennessee Tornado Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

tornado-damage-home-insurance-claims-nashville-tn.jpgAs tornadoes whipped through Tennessee last night, I couldn’t help but be thankful that our home is insured through Tennessee Farm Bureau.


When tornadoes ravaged Nashville in 1998, tarp-covered homes on the east side were left standing for months. Many big-name insurance companies refused to pay claims quickly.

But not the Tennessee Farm Bureau.

We watched more than one local news report about the home insurance dilemma that followed.

Because claims weren’t paid quickly, tornado-damaged homes deteriorated even further.

Then, the original amount of the claim was not enough to repair the subsequent damage.


But time and time again, homeowners interviewed said that Tennessee Farm Bureau paid quickly and fairly. One news report called TN Farm Bureau the only insurance which did.

We breathed a big sigh of relief, because we had just insured our first home with Tennessee Farm Bureau! They offered us the cheapest quote and made it easy to work with our real estate closing team.

We went on to insure the next 3 homes with Tennessee Farm Bureau!

Five Things We Like About Tennessee Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance:

  1. When you call the Tennessee Farm Bureau, you are not dropped in a complex automated system. A real person, a Tennessean, answers the phone.
  2. You don’t have to be a farmer to join the Tennessee Farm Bureau.
  3. You do have to pay a $20 membership fee each year, but you get a beautiful local magazine and discounts in return.
  4. The Tennessee Farm Bureau headquarters is easy to find downtown near the Bicentennial Mall.
  5. The Tennessee Farm Bureau has always had its part of the closing package at the real estate law office on time.

The Tennessee Farm Bureau does offer life and auto insurance, too.

(We stuck with State Farm for our automobile insurance. Even Farm Bureau could not match the long-term safe driver and multi-line discounts State Farm offered.)