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Which celebrities live in Brentwood TN? How about country music stars in nearby Nashville and Franklin? Here are photos and directions to the homes of Nashville celebrities.

Brentwood TN is a great place to live. Just ask anyone who's actually lived here. More proof: the city of Brentwood ranks high on these lists & awards.

If you're buying a home OR selling a home in the Nashville area, I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the unique ways that QR codes can be helpful to you.

When you're driving around the Brentwood TN area -- or if you're looking for a place to live in Brentwood -- it can get confusing as to what is actually in Brentwood and what is not. The boundaries are somewhat unclear, so it's easy to refer to something being in Brentwood when it's really not. Here are the Brentwood TN city limits.

Are you thinking about moving to Brentwood, Tennessee? Wonder what it's like to live there? Here are some good and bad things about living in Brentwood, TN, one of Nashville's nicest suburbs.

Traveller's Rest Plantation is a great historic home to tour near Brentwood, TN. Located just off Franklin Rd, Traveller's Rest is one of Nashville's oldest historic homes, with great period Tennessee furniture and engaging guides. Especially exciting during events like Civil War Encampments and holidays.

Brentwood, Tennessee lies squarely along a historic Civil War route. Soldiers marched down Franklin Pike between the Battle of Nashville and the Battle of Franklin. Do you know about the historical significance of Isola Bella when it came up for sale?

Talk about Nashville homes of the stars! This summer, Nashville is home to the Design Star TV show by HGTV. Here are links to local gossip and blog coverage of Season 3, Design Star. Where exactly is the Design Star house? We're guessing Percy Priest or Old Hickory Lake.


Does Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus really live in Tennessee? Yes! Miley Cyrus and her parents kept their home in Williamson County when they moved to Los Angeles. Here's where you can find Miley Cyrus' home near Nashville, Tennessee. It's also where the movie Hannah Montana was filmed.