Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning In Brentwood, TN: A Review

Which carpet cleaner works best on Berber carpet? Which steam cleaning method works best on upholstered chairs? I had stained carpet and stained chairs, and I called Chem-Dry of Tennessee to my Brentwood home. Here’s how well the Chem-Dry cleaning method worked on Berber carpet and upholstery…

My Best Buy Geek Squad Experience

When my Gateway laptop broke, I took it to the Best Buy Geek Squad in Cool Springs. Here’s my personal review of the Geek Squad’s repair service.

Tennessee Tornado Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

When tornadoes rip through Tennessee, people start worrying. Will homeowner’s insurance cover the storm damage? Tennessee Farm Bureau insures our Brentwood home. We chose Tennessee Farm Bureau for this and our last 3 homes because they gave prompt and fair payment to homeowners in east Nashville after the devastating tornado.

Here’s A Great Brentwood TN Shoe and Luggage Repair Store!…

Do you have shoes or luggage that need repair? Do your pumps need new heel tips? Did your purse strap break?

Take your shoe and leather repairs to Brentwood, Tennessee. The Brentwood Shoe and Luggage Repair Shop fixed my husband’s boots when he was ready to send them to Goodwill.

Now we’re telling everyone about the reasonable prices and old-fashioned service we found at Brentwood Shoe Repair in the Nashville Tennessee area!

New Lowe’s Home Improvement Store In Brentwood, TN

Wondering what happened to that single store Walmart on Nolensville Road in Brentwood, TN? It’s been demolished. Now there’s a new Lowe’s Home Improvement store being built in the same spot. Since there’s another Lowe’s on Nolensville Rd. in South Nashville, this location is likely to be dubbed the Brentwood Lowe’s, just like the Brentwood Walmart down the street. Of course, Cool Springs has both Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Nashville’s Cheapest Building Materials Are At The Habitat ReStore

Brentwood residents can find cheap home and garden supplies in Franklin AND Nashville. How? By going green with reused building materials. Habitat for Humanity HomeStores offer a wide variety of doors, windows, and unusual items at great prices. Your purchases help local families build homes of their own.

How fun is that?

Tennessee Problem Contractor List

If you’ve ever had to hire a Contractor for a project a your home, chances are you’ve been at least a little concerned before you really knew who you were dealing with. You can find a List of Problem Contractors…