Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning In Brentwood, TN: A Review

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best-carpet-upholstery-cleaner-in-brentwood-tn-chemdry-upholstery-cleaning-service.jpg It was a day that lived in infamy:

  • one kid caused a toilet overflow
  • the other kid smeared 2 chairs with peanut butter

I decided to call the professionals.  Which carpet cleaning service is the best in Brentwood, TN?

Here’s my experience using Chem-Dry of Tennessee to clean our Berber carpet and stained upholstery…

It wasn’t cheap.

But did you see that peanut butter?

I didn’t think I could tackle that on my own!

Luckily, Chem-Dry of Tennessee worked us into the schedule the very next day.  Our cleaner showed up promptly at 10 am and gave me a full estimate before beginning work.


Here’s what our carpet and upholstery cleaning cost:

  • $45 for steam cleaning the chair
  • $130 for 2 rooms of Berber carpet using the Chem-Dry method
  • $60 for a room-size oriental rug cleaned on site

I was surprised by the good results!  The Berber carpet in both bedrooms was very stained.  Our rental Rug Doctor experience was not successful, so I had my doubts about Chem-Dry.

Here’s what makes the carbonated bubbles in Chem-Dry a different method than traditional steam cleaning.

Not only did Chem-Dry remove the basic dirt, it also took away some mystery stains that no amount of hand-scrubbing could handle.


What about the chemical smell?

I was a little hesitant to have Chem-Dry “chemical” fumes in the house, but we didn’t mind the orange scent at all.  It took about a day and a half for the smell to fade.

The carpets did take longer than the estimated 2 hours to dry, but were walkable by bedtime.




How about Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning?

The cleaning removed all visible peanut butter (and a lot of ground-in dirt I’m sure I never saw).

I was least pleased with the oriental rug cleaning.  Though the lighter parts of the rug looked whiter, a few persistent food stains remained.

I would definitely call Chem-Dry again for the Berber carpet.  It is much harder to steam-clean than regular pile.  Since we were near the point of replacing it altogether,  I didn’t mind the cost.

There are several Chem-Dry franchises that serve the Brentwood area.  We used Chem-Dry of Tennessee at  (615) 251-1901.