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Wedding Receptions At Nashville City Club

Are you looking for an elegant place to have a wedding near downtown Nashville?

Hear all about our experience at a recent wedding reception at the Nashville City Club. From atmosphere to hors d’oeuvres, we give you the scoop on this reception site.

Including the fun wedding food that was the talk of the party: a mashed potato martini bar!

Brentwood Tennessee Bakeries: Mexican Panaderias and Pan Dulce

Need Mexican pastries for an inexpensive breakfast?

Here are the two panaderias, or Mexican bakeries, I found on Nolensville Rd. in south Nashville, near Brentwood.

Find out exactly what bolillos, tres leches cake, churros, marranitos, empanadas, cuernos and orejas are–and where to buy pan dulce in Nashville.

Both Aurora Bakery and Panaderia de Espiga serve traditional Mexican breads, pastries, and cakes.