Romano’s Macaroni Grill in Brentwood, TN

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macaroni-grill-coolsprings-brentwood-tn.jpg I might be the last person in Brentwood, TN to eat at the Macaroni Grill

Whenever possible, I steer clear of chain restaurants, but…

Macaroni Grill in Cool Springs surprised me with its cozy atmosphere, good service, and tasty salad.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill is located on Galleria Blvd. just off Moore’s Lane.

You’ll spot it tucked between McDonald’s and Red Lobster.

Since I had eaten earlier in the afternoon, I only ordered the Insalata Blu, or house salad with blue cheese.

I was blown away by its fresh taste:

  • crisp, crunchy greens
  • a generous layer of crumbled cheese
  • a light but peppery vinaigrette

Here’s a good barometer of restaurant quality:  when one of the cheapest menu items is as satisfying as its high priced entrees.

—>Here is a copy of Macaroni Grill’s menu and to-go menu.

It’s hard to make low-carb choices when you eat at Italian restaurants,  I thought the Insalata Blu was a good compromise, and every bit as tasty as its high starch pastas.  You can read more about Macaroni Grill’s nutritional breakdowns at

Macaroni Grill is a fun place to meet friends.  Our servers found us a large, long table and left us alone while we laughed and chatted for over 2 hours!

—>This website has some fun things to do at Macaroni Grill, including some short Italian language lessons! 

Di nulla (you’re welcome!)