Brentwood Tennessee’s Crockett Park Disc Golf Course

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disc-golf-course-brentwood-tn-crockett-park-tn.jpgHave you heard about Crockett Park’s new 18 hole golf course?

Leave your clubs at home and bring the frisbee. This is disc golf we’re talking about!

If you’re looking for a fun spring sport in Brentwood, Tennessee, get to the Williamson County Disc Golf Club’s first tournament.

Or, just watch this hilarious YouTube video for an intro to disc golf!

The first disc golf tournament is scheduled for March 8th at 1 pm.

Cost: FREE to new players, $5 to everyone else.

The pros at the Williamson Co. Disc Golf Club say that all skill levels are welcome.

They’ll even be holding a free clinic to show you the basic skills of disc golf. You can also read the disc golf forums to learn more about the Brentwood club.

—>The Professional Disc Golf Association has a detailed description of the Crockett Park disc golf course here.

New to disc golf? Here is a hilarious video called Intro to Disc Golf, by the Guardians of Recreation:


These guys make disc golf seem pretty funny, but you’ll find serious players at the Crockett Park disc golf course.

I was surprised to see that Nashville has a store dedicated to disc golf equipment:

Nevada Bob’s Disc Golf & Tennis
1305 Antioch Pike
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 833-6440


While you’re there, here are some other fun things to do at Crockett Park: