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Brentwood Tennessee Playgrounds

Brentwood moms and kids both need playgrounds! Find the best and most convenient places to play in Brentwood parks. Granny White Park has an excellent play area, while River Park next to the Brentwood library is convenient, too.

Brentwood Tennessee’s Greenway Trails

Brentwood TN has an extensive parks and greenway trail system. You can start at Tower Park, cross to Concord Park, over Knox Valley Dr to River Park, along the Little Harpeth River and under Wilson Pike Tunnels to Crockett Park. From Crockett Park, greenway trails connect to Ravenwood High School and the Moore's Lane Greenway. Links and trailway map included.

A Virtual Auto Tour of Percy Warner Park In Nashville

I've ridden my bike through Percy Warner Park a few times, but mostly I just enjoy riding through the park in my car. One thing's for sure... I've been through this park dozens of times, and there hasn't been a time yet when I didn't spot at least one deer! Here's a virtual auto tour through Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN...

A New Bocce Court in Brentwood, TN

We're lucky living in Brentwood, TN because we have access to several parks with lots to do. In fact, Granny White Park on Granny White Pike has more recreation opportunities than you probably realize. We've all been to the park to play on the swings or to walk the dog, but have you ever considered going for a game of Bocce?