Brentwood Tennessee’s Greenway Trails

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greenway_tunnel.jpgBrentwood may be a suburban city with SUVs in every driveway, but it’s one of the more walkable places I know.

Before you laugh, have a look at Brentwood’s incredible system of paved paths that wind through city parks and greenways.

You can walk from Tower Park across Concord Road to Concord Park, the piece of land that lies behind Lipscomb Elementary and the Brentwood Library. From there, cross Knox Valley Drive to River Park (the small playground and covered area between the library and YMCA).

A bridge will take you over and along the Little Harpeth River. Eventually, this walkway goes under Wilson Pike and the railroad through the smart addition of tunnels. Voila! You’re now in Brentwood’s flagship, Crockett Park!


Take a breather at the soccer fields, because the trail doesn’t stop there.

According to the map, the trail extends from Crockett Park to Ravenwood High School and beyond — all the way to the Moore’s Lane Greenway.

I haven’t walked this section myself, so I’m not 100% sure.

You can’t see from the street because greenway access runs unobtrusively through neighborhoods and even not-so-pretty public spaces, such as the recycling center off Wilson Pike.

According to the March 2007 Brentwood Life, the City of Brentwood will eventually connect the Concord Road greenways with Edmondson Pike and Nolensville Road.




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