Melinda Doolittle’s Vocal Coach and Stylist

by Meredith

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American Idol judges can’t stop raving about Melinda Doolittle’s vocal stylings.

Her attitude is humble, giving all the credit to God. Her style is tailored.

But–given the youthful American Idol fanbase — does Melinda Doolittle seem too polished?


What was Melinda wearing?

On the Top 10 Girls episode, Doolittle wore a closely tailored dark pantsuit and red top with big, classic gold jewelry.

Her attractive hair and makeup seemed a little stiff.

Is she a successful real estate agent, a hipper-than-average attorney, or the next teen star?

I think this look ages her beyond her 29 years.


Who engineered Melinda’s image?

Melinda Doolittle dedicated her Top 10 Girls performance to her two closest friends, “the Gayles” (a reference to Oprah Winfrey’s best friend Gayle King). Vocal coach Janet Kenyon of Kenyon Artist Development and stylist Kelley Norris of IMPowered Consulting have been her “go to people for advice” on the American Idol journey.

According to Doolittle’s American Idol page, she continues to take vocal lessons from Kenyon even after graduating from Belmont’s School of Music. The girl likes to be prepared! Kenyon and Norris prepared a book for Doolittle which lists specific outfits to wear each day, down to accessories.

I think they need to loosen up and let the real, 20-something Melinda shine. A little less perfection might be welcomed by American Idol fans on voting night.


What do you think?

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