Brentwood Tennessee Parks (…Including Maps & Directions)

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Looking for the best parks in Brentwood?

Check out the maps and directions below…

Brentwood, Tennessee prides itself on its great parks — fun for kids of all ages.

For a peaceful day of picnicking, or a playful day at the playground, check out one of these city parks in Brentwood:

Brentwood City Parks

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Concord Park
40 acres

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Crockett Park
170 acres

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Granny White Park
32 acres

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Maryland Way Park
7 acres

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River Park
43 acres

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Tower Park
47 acres


Brentwood Greenways

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Moores Lane Greenway
16 acres

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Moores Lane Greenway East
3 acres

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Spilt Log Greenway
10 acres

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Wilson Pike Greenway
2.5 acres

What are greeways?…

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