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Nashville And Brentwood TN Celebrity Homes Of The Stars

Which celebrities live in Brentwood TN? How about country music stars in nearby Nashville, Franklin, Green Hiills, Belle Meade, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, and Leipers Fork? Here are photos and directions to the homes of Nashville celebrities. I've found lots of fun photos and videos of celebrity homes throughout Nashville - including satellite photos of celebrity homes. It's a great way to get a bearing on where stars live in relation to your Brentwood home.

Confused About Brentwood Tennessee Boundaries & City Limits?

When you're driving around the Brentwood TN area -- or if you're looking for a place to live in Brentwood -- it can get confusing as to what is actually in Brentwood and what is not. The boundaries are somewhat unclear, so it's easy to refer to something being in Brentwood when it's really not. Here are the Brentwood TN city limits.

Here’s The Skinny On Brentwood 37027 Zip Code!

If you're looking for houses in Brentwood, TN, you'll want to check out, an easy-to-read demographic look at 37027. We interpret the key statistics for Brentwood residents and give you additional resources for finding the Brentwood zip code and navigating with a Brentwood map.

Brentwood TN Zip Code

The Brentwood TN zip code is 37027. That information is apparently as hard to find as the Brentwood TN Post Office, which is located on Brooks Chapel Road. Not for long, though, as plans are in the works to move Brentwood's post office, but not the zip code.


Finding A Brentwood Tennessee Map

Buying a Brentwood map can help you navigate between Davidson and Williamson county lines. You can buy a Brentwood TN map at Walgreen's, or order a Brentwood TN map online. Checking the map will keep Brentwood real estate buyers from making a costly mistake!