Google Map Street View Of Brentwood, Tennessee

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Google-street-map-Brentwood-TN-homes-of-the-stars.jpg Here’s something fun to do in Brentwood, Tennessee…

…without even leaving your computer!

Google has unrolled its Street View maps of Nashville and Brentwood, and WOW, are they fun to play with!

Take your own virtual tour of Brentwood, TN.  I give you the link to Brentwood’s street view map and directions for finding your own home, street, and neighborhood online.




First, watch this 1-minute YouTube video on how to use Google Street View Maps.

Google Maps Street View - launch video

Then you can click on this Google Map of Brentwood, TN, or type in your Brentwood address in the directions box on the map itself.

View Larger MapSo, you’ve typed in your Brentwood address or zoomed into a spot on the map…

When the full size map appears on your screen, click STREET VIEW.

Cool! You should see the street in front of your house, or the Kroger on Franklin Rd., or any other business on a Brentwood street.

Use the arrows to pan 360 degrees around, or “drive” down the road by clicking the yellow arrows.

We played with this function for HOURS. And the really fun part?

When I type in my Brentwood address, I see myself! I was in my car pulling out of the driveway when the Google camera car drove by.

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