Where To Sell Coins In Brentwood TN

by Meredith

collecting, Green Hills

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where-to-sell-silver-coins-in-nashville-tn.jpg I have a few silver medallions, and I’ve been looking for the best place to sell them in Nashville or Brentwood.

We’ve sold a few coins at the Coin Purse in Green Hills (Nashville), but I recently found another dealer called Nashville Coin and Currency.

Guess what?  It’s located right here in Brentwood at 7003 Chadwick Dr.!



The Fun Times Guide To Coins is written by a coin expert.

Jay recommends selling on Ebay for the fairest price.

However, he did put together a handy list of what to expect when you sell coins to a dealer.


I wish we had that list before we sold some coins to the Coin Purse in Green Hills!  My mother was shocked at how little her gold coins were worth, in comparison to the current gold standard price.  (

At the time, we couldn’t find another convenient coin shop–nor did we feel comfortable sending them off by mail, sight unseen.)


Now that I’ve found Nashville Coin and Currency, I have a Brentwood resource to check instead.  You can call Mike Mouret for an appointment at (615) 377-4949.

According to the website, Nashville Coin and Currency appraises and purchases:

  • collectible coins
  • paper money
  • gold
  • silver
  • platinum
  • palladium
  • sterling flatware
  • antique documents

I’ll have to let you know how much my silver medallions were worth in the end–whether I sell them on Ebay or to one of Nashville’s coin dealers.