Brentwood Tennessee Post Office

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Post_office.jpg The Brentwood Post Office is somewhat hard to find.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we needed to find the nearest post office a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t have known where it was.

Turns out it is located at 8011 Brooks Chapel Road, Brentwood Tennessee.

I won’t try to explain where that road is, so I suggest you use Mapquest or the United States Post Office website for directions.

The point of this post is to let you know that my husband went there today and was very happy with the service he received there.

He had several items that he was sending overseas, and the person who helped him was more than helpful in explaining all of his options (regular mail vs. priority mail, cost, etc.).

I suppose that you can find good or bad service anywhere on any given day, but we have a tendency to remember good service and tell everyone we can about it.

If you need to find another Post Office near you, you can use the locator on the United States Postal Service Website.

—>Here’s another article about Brentwood’s zip code, including a link to the controversy over Brentwood’s new post office location.