A New Bocce Court in Brentwood, TN

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We’re lucky living in Brentwood, TN because we have access to several parks with lots to do. In fact, Granny White Park on Granny White Pike has more recreation opportunities than you probably realize. We’ve all been to the park to play on the swings or to walk the dog, but have you ever considered going for a game of Bocce?

We used to go to Granny White Park all the time, as my husband plays on a Williamson County men’s softball team and they had weekly games there. After we moved to Brentwood we started using the park more often for a place to take the dog and enjoy a nice day. In addition to the baseball/softball fields you’ll find tennis courts, a walking/jogging trail, sand volleyball courts, a playground and beautiful scenery.

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The newest edition is a Bocce Court that was built last fall. It was donated by The Order of the Sons of Italy, and offers us a chance to enjoy the Italian lawn bowling game.
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