Brentwood Basics

Weddings at Cool Springs House

What is that gorgeous historic home doing at the entrance to Crockett Park? Why is it called Cool Springs House if it isn’t in Cool Springs? Get the scoop on Brentwood’s most affordable historic wedding site, the Cool Springs House.

Brentwood Tennessee’s Easter Sunday Services

We have a handy reference page with times and locations for Brentwood’s Easter Sunday church services. I can’t guarantee you’ll find parking, but I can help you get to church on time!

Brentwood TN Zip Code

The Brentwood TN zip code is 37027. That information is apparently as hard to find as the Brentwood TN Post Office, which is located on Brooks Chapel Road. Not for long, though, as plans are in the works to move Brentwood’s post office, but not the zip code.


Finding A Brentwood Tennessee Map

Buying a Brentwood map can help you navigate between Davidson and Williamson county lines. You can buy a Brentwood TN map at Walgreen’s, or order a Brentwood TN map online. Checking the map will keep Brentwood real estate buyers from making a costly mistake!

Life in Brentwood, TN – What’s it Really Like?

I often get emails from people who want information about Brentwood, Tennessee. Some are visiting and some are actually considering (or getting ready for) a move to our area. Brentwood is a small town, and even in the age of…

Some Help for Gardening in Tennessee

Warmer weather is finally here so it’s time to start thinking about our gardening plans for the coming season. I usually get over-excited and put some flowers in on the first warm day… only to find that they weren’t quite…

Brentwood, TN WiFi Hotspots

Brentwood, TN is a pretty small town, but we have this technology thing down. Most hotels offer WiFi (and we certainly have enough hotels here), but you’ll also find service at many retail locations throughout town. Next time you’re in…

Brentwood’s Town Center Way is Open!

The Town Center Way roundabout in Brentwood is ready for traffic. It is located at the former Wilson Pike Circle/Frierson Place intersection and it’s looking pretty good….

Hotels in Brentwood Tennessee

Is is me, or are there alot of hotels in Brentwood? For such a small town – there sure are plenty of places to stay….