Planting Annuals in Middle Tennessee

by Meredith

Cool Springs TN, flowers, landscaping & gardening, Nashville TN

I have lettuce! Unfortunately, that’s the only plant in my Brentwood garden this April.

I refused to plant my impatiens till “Dogwood Winter” had come and gone. (That’s the Southern term for the cold snap that always seems to follow our first spring warm spell.) Now all the bedding plants for sale look frostbitten!

When is the right time to plant annuals in Tennessee? And where can I buy fresh plants without driving all over Nashville?

In Middle Tennessee, the danger of frost is usually past by April 15th. Don’t let the fickle March temperatures fool you. It’s easy to remember: plant annuals AFTER taxes are due!

My annual-buying has been limited to the mega discount marts: K-mart and the new Walmart Supercenter at Nolensville Road and Harding. Both offer consistently low prices on bedding plants.

I can always head south to the Home Depot and Lowes in Cool Springs. First, I’d better look at their flyers online to see if they have any special offers this week.

—>Here’s the Brentwood Lowes weekly sales ad online.
—>Here’s the Brentwood Home Depot weekly sales ad online.

If I take the scenic route to Cool Springs, I can check out that gorgeous roadside display of plants on Franklin Road, just before the intersection with Moore’s Lane. It’s a branch of the same Mark Bates Nursery I hear about on the radio so often.

That reminds me–there’s another nursery near the Sonic off Church Street. Landscaping by John Waller is located at 210 Wilson Pike Circle, (615) 373-0181.

And wait–that produce stand at Old Hickory Blvd. and Franklin Road sometimes sells annuals, too. It’s called the Brentwood Fruit Stand (615) 309-3388.

My husband just remembered that Kroger stores stock a surprising number of perennials and shrubs for a grocery store.

Hmmm…looks like tomorrow will be a busy day. Perhaps next year, I’ll order plants online!