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Melinda Doolittle on Idol Gives Back

doolittle-there-will-come-a-day.jpgAmerican Idol Gives Back was dedicated to supporting America, from Katrina-ravaged Louisiana to the homeless of Atlanta. In an episode full of inspiring performances, Melinda Doolittle shone with an inner light. She made Faith Hill’s “There Will Come A Day” completely her own.

The critics who question Melinda’s musical genre can take a rest. Our Brentwood girl was born to sing Gospel!

“There Will Come A Day” is unabashedly Christian; the place the song refers to is “a better place, where our Father waits.” It includes recurring refrains like “every knee will bow, sin will have no place.”

Not your typical American Idol fare! Melinda chose the song, not to highlight America’s problems, but to promote what she called “hope for tomorrow, what tonight is all about.”

—>Here are the complete lyrics to Faith Hill’s “There Will Be A Place.”

idol-gives-back.jpgWhat Melinda Wore:
Melinda’s outfit struck just the right chord tonight. Her knit wrap dress hugged every curve while remaining classically simple. She accented its neckline with several necklaces stacked like a choker. I was glad to see last week’s winning shoulder-length straight style again. I would call her look a PERFECT TEN!

How did the American Idol judges react to such a churchy song choice?

Randy Jackson: “Every week I see you, I keep saying you’re our resident pro.”
“I don’t even know what to say anymore! You have arrived.”

Paula Abdul: “There’s no one like you–you’re magical.”

Simon Cowell: “What I loved–it wasn’t a copycat performance. You took a song and it was as if you had recorded it yourself.”
“The second half was incredible.”
“That really was a vocal master class.”

For perhaps the first time, I feel like we’re seeing the real Melinda. She looks great, she sounds incredible, and her performance matches her inner faith. Here in Nashville we are accustomed to country stars singing the occasional Christian crossover hit. There is often such overlap between markets. I was glad to see Melinda Doolittle’s talent let her make the same jump with such success.

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