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Brentwood TN’s Best BBQ: Corky’s

Have you ever waited at the traffic light at Old Hickory Blvd. and Franklin Road, only to catch a tantalizing whiff of hickory smoke? Noticed cars packed in the wedge-shaped lot or snaking through the drive-thru after work?

If so, you’ve spotted what we consider the best BBQ in Brentwood: Corky’s!


Don’t let the franchise part throw you. Yes, this the same Corky’s that helps make Memphis the BBQ capital of the world. Corky’s features true Tennessee BBQ, even if it doesn’t have Brentwood roots.

—>Did you know that customers are SO loyal to Corky’s, they have
ribs on dry ice shipped all over the country?

We have eaten at the Brentwood Corky’s on several occasions. Here’s why we enjoy it again and again:

  • The interior has a comfortable, Tennessee feel with quiet booths AND sports on TV.
  • You have several meats from which to choose: pulled pork, smoked chicken, beef brisket or pork ribs.
  • Low-carbers or diabetics can order BBQ “dry”–coated with a pungent powder instead of sweet sauce.
  • Each table receives a basket of moist, flavorful corn muffins. Let’s just say my family fights over every crumb!
  • A choice of down-home sides, the best of which is clearly the creamy potato salad sprinkled with dry rub.

—>Here is a link to Corky’s Tennessee locations.

I wish I could say that Corky’s paid me to write this review. (Mmmm…how about a paycheck of hot, smoky ribs?) Unfortunately, we’re just the average Brentwood family who is addicted to its great food and comfortable atmosphere.