Native Tennessee Trees and Plants

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tennessee-passionflower-vine.jpgToday I spotted Tennessee’s state wildflower in a thicket of blackberry brambles. This delicate passionflower is as beautiful as anything I’ve seen at Home Depot.

My mind wandered to the dozens of Bradford pear tree problems in Brentwood. I have to admit, I’m not so thrilled about pest-prevention and pruning Bradford pears.

If I had my way, I’d dig up all the Bradford pear trees and replace them with equally attractive Tennessee redbuds and dogwoods.

I’m not alone.

There is a growing movement back to landscaping with native plants. Homes designed with native plants fit into their surroundings in a completely natural way.



2 Important Reasons To Plant Native Species

  1. A garden planted with native plants requires less overall care, watering, and disease prevention. Native plants thrive in our climate.
  2. Native plants don’t threaten Tennessee’s ecosystem like exotic invasive plants.


Where To Order Native Plants in Tennessee

Don’t worry, you won’t have to dig all your plants from the woods!

Many Tennessee nurseries specialize in native plants. They are gathered from our region and sold to landscapers all over the country.

Here’s a list of Tennessee native plant growers.

Here are Middle Tennessee native plants that are recommended.

I also found a Middle Tennessee catalog called Rock Island Wildflowers which has fantastic prices on bare-root native plants like ferns.

Where To Buy Native Plants Near Nashville

christmas%2Bfern.jpgWe Brentwood gardeners are in luck! Williamson County has become something of a native plant hot spot.

Fairview, Tennessee is home to 3 excellent nurseries which sell native Tennessee plants.

  1. Trees Company & Morning Glory Farm Nursery is an off-the-beaten-path garden center on Spencer Mill Road in Fairview. They advertise the native buckeye tree and the Southern magnolia.
  2. Nashville Natives offers the services of a restoration ecologist, along with demonstration gardens and a large selection of native plants. Call ahead for a tour of this nursery on Liberty Road in Fairview.
  3. GroWild is perhaps Tennessee’s most famous native plant design service, with 900 varieties in stock. GroWild’s nursery is only open by appointment, so call ahead before making your trip to Fairview.


How To Choose Native Plants

If you think Tennessee native plants might be your next garden obsession, go ahead, buy the book!

Margie Hunter has compiled a reference guide called Gardening With Native Plants of Tennessee: The Spirit Of Place. Hunter includes beautiful photos to inspire a love of native plants!

You can get Gardening With Native Plants Of Tennessee on Amazon, or directly from the author for an autographed copy. I can’t think of a better gift for the Tennessee gardener!