Melinda Doolittle In Zaxby’s Commercials

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melinda-doolittle-zaxbys-commercial.jpgWe were watching TV tonight when our favorite American Idol, Brentwood’s Melinda Doolittle, flashed across the screen.

Are you curious what Melinda Doolittle been doing since she left American Idol?

Never fear–we’ve found the YouTube videos of Melinda Doolittle in Zaxby’s Chicken commercials, in which she references that famous Melinda “OCD” need to be even.

Watch both of Melinda’s Zaxby’s commercials right here–then find out more about her upcoming PBS performance of Christmas at Belmont and her Christmas tour with Michael W. Smith and the Katinas.

Zaxby’s is a regional chain which specializes in chicken tenders.

Melinda Doolittle will be part of Zaxby’s “Southern Stars” series.


Ready to watch the video of Melinda Doolittle’s Zaxby’s commercial?

Do you remember when Melinda Doolittle first mentioned her compulsion to be balanced?

It was the Top 8 Girls episode. Melinda earned the title “Simon’s Tiger” after belting out “I’m A Woman.”

During a short interview, Melinda explained her “OCD” tendency, which she laughingly called “equal opportunity.”

If she touches something cold with one hand, she likes to touch something cold with the other hand. If she steps on a crack with one foot, then she does the same with the other foot. “We’re all in this together, right?”

Zaxby’s uses Melinda’s humor to its advantage, showing her chewing the chicken on one side of her mouth…and then making it equal on the other side. Kinda strange for a commercial concept, until you see Melinda’s natural, deadpan delivery.


And now for Melinda Doolittle’s second Zaxby’s commercial, in which she describes “the perfect bite” of chicken…

Here are all of the Zaxby’s celebrity commercials, where Melinda Doolittle is in good company with:

  • singer-songwriter Alice Peacock
  • race car driver Bobby Allison
  • Atlanta Braves announcer Chip Caray
  • heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield


So, what else has Melinda Doolittle been up to lately?

Click here for all the information about Melinda’s upcoming Christmas tour with Michael W. Smith and her nationally televised performance of Christmas At Belmont, along with the question you’ve all been wondering:

Is Melinda Doolittle still single?

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