City Cafe – A Southern Meat & Three In Brentwood, Tennessee

by Abby

local food

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city-cafe-brentwood-tnThe first time I heard someone use the term “meat & three”, it was a co-worker who was referring to Toby’s Chicken Kitchen at 1346 W. Main Street in Franklin.

I must admit that the food at Toby’s was great, but I still can’t get past that term.

It probably sounds silly to someone who is used to this type of restaurant, but I kept thinking… Three what?

Finally, I gave it a try and it hit me: 3 SIDE ITEMS! (By the way, macaroni & cheese may be a side item, but it is not a vegetable.)

We recently tried out Brentwood’s own City Cafe — at 330 Franklin Road (in the Brentwood Center Shopping Place) — and it was fantastic!


What City Cafe Is Like

The food is what I would call “comfort food” since it makes you think of your grandmother’s cooking.

They’re open limited hours during lunch and dinner, so call ahead to make sure you’ll get there in time to eat.

A couple of other interesting things about City Cafe in Brentwood:

  • The walls are decorated with paintings by local artists, and they’re available for purchase.
  • They have a “community table”. So if you’re eating alone, sit down and chat with someone you probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise!