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How To Start A Club – Just For Fun – With Friends And Neighbors In Your Area

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By Abby

Want to connect with others who share your interests?

Start a club.

If you live in a subdivision that is large enough to support this, then you should include others in your neighborhood.


Otherwise, include other people in your area — friends… relatives… friends of friends. You get the idea.


How To Start A Club

I belong to a rubber stamping club that meets once a month. Not only do I get to take a night off from “normal life”, but also I get to meet with people who share my interest in paper crafts.

The possibilities are endless (and I mean that literally).

If you’re interested in something, chances are that there is someone else out there in the same boat. You can meet once a month, once a week, once a day. Whatever works for you.

A few ideas to get you started:

  • Walking/Running Club: This works best if you’re doing it with others in your neighborhood. You can meet at a designated place on a regular basis… run a mile, walk 2 miles. It’s all up to you. Exercise is always easier if someone else is counting on you to be there. Here’s some advice for starting a walking club.
  • Martini Club: Meet once a month at each other’s homes to sample a different kind of martini. Along those same lines, you might want to consider a Skinny Girl Drinks club.
  • Cooking Club: Test out your recipes on each other. Meet once a month at each other’s homes. Here’s how to start a cooking club or supper club.
  • Mothers of Toddlers Club: Toddler’s can be tough. The support (and advice) you can get from your new friends can get you through the terrible twos (and threes and fours). MOPS is an organization that gives you tips to get going: find a MOPS group, or start a MOPS group.
  • Book Club: Get together and discuss your thoughts on a specific book you’ve all read. Sometimes a different perspective can change your opinion (for better or worse). Here are some tips for starting a book club.
  • Board Game Club: Who wouldn’t enjoy playing board games once a month? (My personal fave is Trivial Pursuit.) Here are some tips for starting a board game club in your area.

Like I said, the possibilities are endless. Photography, gardening, and craft clubs are always popular.

Just figure out what you like to do and find out who wants to do it with you.

Life goes by too fast; so spend some of your time doing what you love.


How To Find Friends With Similar Interests

meetup-logoSo, how do you get your new club started?

Talk to your neighbors. If they don’t share your interests, there is a good chance they know someone who does. Get to know your neighbors and what they like to do.

There is also a website called Meetup that can help you find people who share your interests — and live nearby.

There are literally hundreds of groups with more interests than you can possibly imagine! doesn’t have any groups specifically set up specifically for Brentwood, TN – but there are 48 groups and over 6,000 members signed up under Nashville, TN. (Close enough, right?)

They have groups for anything from English Bulldog owners to a Scrapbooking group. (This is how I found scrapbookers in the Nashville area.)