Extreme Sports In Brentwood, TN: Skateboarding, Bike Stunts & Street Luge

by Meredith

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skatepark.jpgThis is, after all, The Fun Times Guide to Brentwood.

What’s more fun than learning an unusual new sport — or, in my case, watching others risk life and limb just for the thrills?

Inline skating, skateboarding, BMX bike stunts, and street luge — all right here in Brentwood!


Fun For Kids Of All Ages

Brentwood’s parks and greenways provide all kinds of extreme sport opportunities.

Crockett Park has almost 4 miles of paved pathways. You might think you’re in California, for all the people inline skating when the weather warms.

The Brentwood YMCA Skatepark on Concord Road is available to members (free) and non-members ($2). It permits BMX biking on its ramps. There is even a small set of bleachers where friends and family can cheer. Young, brave friends tell me the Brentwood YMCA Skatepark includes quarterpipes, quarterbowls, a vertical wall, pyramids, fly boxes, ledges, a rail and a speed ramp.

Brentwood also has its own skate shop for serious skaters. Focus Skateboarding Shop (formerly Planet Sk8) is located at 7024 East Church Street, beneath Nandwani Tailor. It’s a small shop, but it sells all kinds of skateboarding equipment, custom boards, and skateboarding clothing.

–>Here’s more local skatepark information from The Fun Times Guide To Franklin.


Ever Heard Of Street Luge?

Neither had I, until I saw this street luge video shot right here in Brentwood, TN.

Watch out, because these guys are racing 50 mph down Long Street. Let’s hope their parents — or the Brentwood police — don’t catch them filming a repeat performance!

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Know of any other unusual sports in Brentwood? Leave me a comment and let me know!