Brentwood Town Center Theatre

by Meredith

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Brentwood Town Center Theater,
Brentwood Towne Centre Theatre…

You say tomato,
I say tomahto!

Whichever way you spell it, I’m thrilled to see new life in a historic Brentwood building.


Brentwood’s Towne Center Theatre is housed in the former Brooks Chapel. It’s a pretty little building at the corner of Church St. and Frierson Road (the street that becomes Brooks Chapel Road.)

Though I couldn’t find an online source, longtime residents tell me that this historic church belonged to the early African-American community in Brentwood. The area from Church Street to what is now Cloverland Drive was known as Hardscuffle. After the Civil War, slaves from plantations down Wilson Pike and Franklin Road settled there. You’ll note a historic marker commemorating Hardscuffle in the median of Church Street just east of I-65.

The Towne Centre Theatre’s engaging website doesn’t make any reference to its historic roots. What is does offer is a richly designed menu of options:
—> see Brentwood’s upcoming shows
—> get information about auditions
—> even find out how to volunteer in Brentwood’s community theater.

The force behind Brentwood’s Towne Centre Theatre is the nonprofit Brentwood Arts Commission. According to the Nashville Business Journal, the building itself is owned by an investment group developing the Brentwood Town Center.

Brentwood TN Wedding Tip

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Brentwood’s Towne Centre Theatre is available for rent as a wedding venue.

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