New Brentwood, TN Starbucks!

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Northern Brentwood has a new Starbucks!

Is it strange to pay 4 dollars for a cup of coffee?

You bet it is, and I do it regularly.

The new Starbucks is located on Creedside Crossing near the new Publix Grocery store in Maryland Farms.

As with most Starbucks locations, the decor is trendy and comfortable.

Everything looks new and clean.

Tables with umbrellas outside to relax and enjoy your drink.

Now for the best part:


A drive-thru!

Maybe this is normal, but I have not seen a Starbucks drive-thru before. It makes it that much easier to indulge myself on a Vanilla Frappuccino.

Just don’t make me look at the calories. YIKES!


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