National Dance Clubs – A Brentwood TN Dance Studio That Offers Nightly Dancing Lessons

by Wendy


national-dance-clubs-brentwood-tn.jpg My husband and I are always looking for fun date ideas that are a change from dinner and a movie (or in our case, walking around Target).

We were excited when some friends of ours invited us to take a ballroom dance class with them.

Our friends, Lisa and Wayne, have been taking lessons for awhile at National Dance Clubs, so they brought us to their lesson night.

It was a really fun evening out. Here are the highlights…

What It’s Like

National Dance Clubs is located by Nippers Corner in Brentwood.

It is a beautiful studio with a 2,000-square-foot dance floor.

To me, this dance club seemed like a cross between a dance lesson studio and a club that hosts lots of events for its members.

We were there on a Thursday evening — a night when they have beginner group lessons, as well as individual lessons.

Our First Night of Dance Lessons

dance-friends-lisa-and-wayne.jpg Lisa and Wayne headed off to their private lesson. We joined the group class, which was us and 2 other couples.

In our first 50-minute dance lesson, we learned 3 basic dances:

  • the waltz
  • the push-pull swing
  • the rumba

Both my husband and myself admit we are not very coordinated, but we were excited to find that we could both manage the basic steps.

The instructor made it very easy for us. He would show us, and then we would practice the steps over and over.

He did have us switch partners as we went along, so we could get used to dancing with other people. it was a little awkward to be dancing with a stranger, but it seemed like a good idea to get used to different dance styles.

We had a dance lesson for 50 minutes, then a break where they provided soda and snacks.





Putting Our New Dance Moves To The Test

dancing-at-national-dance-clubs-brentwood.jpg After that, there was a 30 minute "dance party."

At the 30-minute dance party, a DJ played different music and everyone danced — trying out their newly learned skills.

The instructors mingled around the room, cutting in and dancing with everyone.

It was fun to see all the people who were there for their individual lessons — there was some beautiful dancing.

If you are a fan of Dancing With The Stars, I’m sure you would love not only the lessons but also the chance to watch others "strut their stuff" at the dance party!

When Are The Dance Lessons?

lisa-and-wayne-dancing.jpgAt National Dance Clubs, they offer a variety of lessons and opportunities throughout the week.

There are evening lessons each night of the week, a noon class a couple of days a week and parties that anyone is welcome to join.

The week we were there, they were getting ready for their St. Patrick’s Day party.

They also host an event twice a month called Destination Unknown where everyone is invited to go to places in Nashville like BB Kings and practice their dance skills.

The cost for our dance lesson was $15, which included the group lesson and also a follow-up private lesson. This was a chance for us to get to see how everything works.

Individuals wanting to continue lessons after that pay a range of costs.

Right now, they are offering a special on their website: 2 sessions for $35.

Before You Go…

If you go, you do not have to dress up, although there were certainly women there in beautiful dresses and men in ties.

My husband and I wore jeans and were completely comfortable. Do, however, wear shoes with a slick sole on the bottom — it makes it much easier to move around the dance floor.

The night we had at National Dance Clubs was a lot of fun. I don’t think we will be "dancing with the stars" soon, but I think my husband and I can at least now manage a basic rumba without any bruised toes.

The push-pull swing we learned even impressed our kids. I’m actually excited for the next wedding we will attend where we can break out our waltz!

lisa and wayne (friends)( are in pants)

the photo with the woman in the skirt was a woman I did not know–I just took it to show them dancing.