Nashville Predators Hockey Viewing Tips

by Abby

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How did I ever end up here?

Cell Block 303.

What will my parents think? Not to mention the rest of my family…

Well, actually I am a part of Cell Block 303, one of the most insane group of Nashville Predators fans you will ever see or hear.

We bought an ice pack (11 games) and this hockey season has been a lot of fun.

If you can watch a game with Cellblock 303, I highly recommend it!

I suggest checking out a Nashville Predators game in person and remember – It’s Go Time!!

Sitting On The Glass At Hockey Games

We spend tons of time (and money) at professional sports events every year, so I consider myself pretty smart about the best way to go about seeing a game.

I had a new experience last weekend and saw a Nashville Predators game on the glass.

Enjoying a hockey game depends on how well you can see what’s happening. (It also depends on what kind of beer they have for sale, but for our purposes here that isn’t important.)

We have season tickets for the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators, so normally we just sit in ‘our’ seats but we’ve been able compare views a couple of times this year.

My Advice: The Best Pro Sports Seats

  • Save money and park in the cheap lots. The time that you spend after the game waiting to get out of the closer (more crowded) parking lots won’t be worth it.
  • For the Nashville Predators, or any other hockey game – closer is better (although my husband would disagree, he likes the seats up top, so he can “see everything that’s going on”). Normally we sit up in the famed Cell Block 303.
  • For the Tennessee Titans, or any other football game – closer is better. These pictures are both from the north end zone, but you can see that being in the first row makes a big difference.
  • For Chicago Cubs Spring Training – Lawn seats beat reserved seats. Although being in the seats brings you closer to the game, it doesn’t provide the best overall view of the action. Not to mention sitting in the lawn means stretching your legs out on a blanket, rather than being confined to tiny seats.