Melinda Doolittle Sings ‘I Got Rhythm’ On American Idol

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melindadoolittle-igotrhythm.jpgShe’s got rhythm, all right!
Melinda Doolittle opened American Idol’s Top 9 episode with a rousing performance of “I Got Rhythm.”
Her rehearsal was so good, guest star Tony Bennett called her “the best singer all day.”

Simon Cowell, on the other hand, has one BIG complaint…

“I don’t think we’ll ever be able to criticize you!”

This, on the heels of Phil Stacey’s “Night and Day,” which all three American Idol judges disliked for general lack of spirit.

melinda-doolittle-top-9.jpgI knew our Brentwood girl would be different when the trumpets jazzed the opening melody of “I Got Rhythm.” It’s hard to go wrong with this classic Gershwin tune, which has been crooned by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, and Barbara Streisand. Melinda Doolittle smiled, she danced, and she belted out the words in what was a complete antithesis of Phil Stacey’s performance.

—>Here are the lyrics to “I Got Rhythm,” Melinda Doolittle’s American Idol Top 9 song pick.

She brought down the house. The judges agreed with the applause:

Randy Jackson: “You give everyone here a lesson in singing. This is how you do it right here, America.”

Paula Abdul: “A master class for America…You’ve got rhythm, CDs, concert halls…”

Simon Cowell: “I didn’t like the first half…a bit cabaret.” (audience BOOS loudly) “Oh, shut up! The second half had personality…I don’t think we’ll ever be able to criticize you! It’s a problem!”

Melinda Doolittle beamed. Even host Ryan Seacrest didn’t have time to pick a bone with Simon, only asking “Why is this a problem?” before going to break.

What Melinda Wore:

Despite her retro show tune, Melinda’s hair was a little edgier tonight. Less flip and more feathered = an even more youthful Doolittle.

She wore a clingy halter dress in black and gray print. Lacy designs and an occasional red rose brightened the pattern. The overall look was classic, but on trend. She gets closer to Idol every episode!

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