Brentwood TN Produce Stand

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where-to-buy-pumpkins.jpgWhen I saw the empty produce stand atop the side of Franklin Road, I thought that Brentwood Produce must have gone out of business.

But I was wrong!

You can find this family-owned produce stand in the Shell gas station parking lot instead.

Here are a few of the beautiful fruits, vegetables, and plants you can buy at the Brentwood Produce Stand…


All About The Brentwood Fruit & Produce Stand

The Brentwood Produce Stand is located at the intersection of Franklin Road and Old Hickory Blvd.

The location is a winner, but I think people keep coming back to Brentwood Produce for its old-fashioned charm.


You might not think that a gas station and a metal carport could be charming!

But take a moment to go inside, and the beautiful gourds, mums, and peaches take you far away from this busy intersection.


Baskets of fresh peaches glow.

Bundles of Indian corn decorate the stand.

The warm afternoon sun makes the fruit smell divine.


Brentwood Produce Stand stocks a variety of local canned goods.

Here, no-sugar-added tomato juice adds vibrant red to the fall vegetable selection.


Chrysanthemums are ready to burst into bloom at Brentwood Produce.

You can find other bedding plants there as the seasons change.



Brentwood Produce is just as convenient as nearby Harris Teeter and Fresh Market…

but with a lot more atmosphere!


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