Brentwood TN Bradford Pear Tree Trimmers

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So many people have researched how to trim Bradford Pear trees at the Fun Times Guide To Brentwood!

Now, we finally have the information you’ve been waiting for:

Abby shares the contact information for the tree trimmers who did such a lovely job pruning her Bradford Pear trees!

She saw their Bradford Pear tree service advertised in the Brentwood Journal, a free neighborhood imprint of the Tennessean.


I think it’s a brilliant marketing strategy! Brentwood must have more aging Bradford Pears than any other neighborhood I’ve seen.

The tree was a landscaper’s favorite in the 1980’s, when much of Brentwood was developed.

In fact, the city of Brentwood planted Bradford Pears down Old Hickory Boulevard’s median. Their spring bloom makes a stunning entrance to Maryland Farms. However, the trees have been trimmed to accommodate power lines above — pruning that now has a strangely grotesque appearance.

Perhaps the city of Brentwood should have called Abby’s experts!


I hope this Nashville tree trimming company doesn’t mind a bit of free advertising!

Have a look at this dramatic Bradford Pear tree before-and-after: